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Digital Marketing NOW is our breakthrough e-commerce report. Its pages are chock full of expertise on building online traffic, growing brand awareness, and increasing conversions and profits. As a special offer, Franchise Marketing Online would like to gift 12 issues free and without any obligation.

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There’s no such thing as knowing too much or being too good at what you do. At least not in the pursuit of digital marketing and web development of your franchise. So, we would like to give you a little boost with our free e-commerce magazine, Digital Marketing NOW. If you’re just starting out or are already digital marketing savvy, we know that you’ll find the insights within to be invaluable.

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Whether it’s the latest news from Google and the newest breakthrough in digital marketing, nothing gets by us. We don’t want to just write about these trends, but we want to put the tools to success directly into your hands. Digital Marketing NOW is our small way of helping you stay ahead of the curve, because we know that in franchise marketing only the very best get noticed.